Save time AND set the tone for your wedding. Have your invitations professionally hand addressed in calligraphy.

From contemporary to traditional, SV Calligraphy offers a variety of lettering options.

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​​Located in Indiana, SV Calligraphy provides beautiful wedding calligraphy services. We work with you to find a style that matches your own, unique vision.

We offer a variety of options and services. For invitation design, choose a fresh and stylish blend of ornate calligraphy and simple type. We'll work with you to create the digital file for you to take to your printer. We'll then address the envelopes by hand to create a beautiful ensemble. And don't forget the matching RSVP as a part of your invitation suite.

If you prefer to only have your invitations addressed, we do our best to make calligraphy available to anyone, on any type of budget by accommodating you with a wide variety of pricing options. Due to all of the variables involved, we do not have flat rates. Instead, we will be glad to provide you with a quote based upon your own individual requests. For example, you may choose to have the envelope's entire address hand lettered or consider our services for 'spot' calligraphy, which only highlights the names. Stylish 'spot' calligraphy is achieved by combining our ornate calligraphy with your printer's simple 'block style' font. 

In addition to the addressing of wedding invitations, we can hand letter place cards (also known as escort cards), table signs, and much more. We take delight in adding special touches such as watercolor flowers or other splashes of color. As artists, we are well accustomed not only to to calligraphy nibs and ink, but also the brush and a variety of painting mediums, uncluding watercolor, acrylic, gouache and enamel. For your wedding place settings and favors, we can letter on most any surface. As a part of our lettering arsenal, our studio is well equipped with not only nibs and brushes, but also hand engraving and woodburning tools!